Nakamigo Punks Collection

5,000 unique Nakamigo Punks generated to the blockchain. We are a mixture of Punks & Nakamigos

Collection Utility


There will be 5,000 unique Nakamigo Punks uploaded onto the blockchain.

Maximum Buy

Each wallet is able to purchase 100 maximum Nakamigo Punk Mint.


Each Nakamigo Punk Mint will be costing 0.006 ethereum.

5,000 unique NFTs

Nakamigo Punks Roadmap

5% Sales

coming soon

We will be airdropping Nakamigo Punks to random holders.

50% Sales

coming soon

We will begin working on our own token for Nakamigo Punks called $NAKAPUNKS.

100% Sales

coming soon

Any holder of Nakamigo Punks will get an excluse airdrop for every project that Juax Studios is planning to make. You may claim this airdrop by getting a Discord role for owning the Nakamigo Punk! Join our communications server:

25% Sales

coming soon

We will be doing a huge giveaway on a Twitter stage so go follow our Twitter!

75% Sales

coming soon

One Lucky Nakamigo Punk Holder will win Nakamigo Punk #1

Join Our Discord Server!

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